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CEDAR has been implementing a project with a holistic approach aiming at the enrichment of the underprivileged rural community. This project is titled as ENRICH. The major components of the project are to provide health, nutrition and education support service to the rural underprivileged community. A total number of 36000 inhabitants have been given the services at 45 learning centers under the ENRICH project of CEDAR. As December 2016, this project has 9,899 numbers of beneficiaries. Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) has given the financial and technical support to implement this project. The project has been started since July 2014 and being continued to till date. Under this new approach, the integrated action program includes the key components of education, skill training, technology, information, health services, food security and nutrition, awareness raising, facilitating access to asset,

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