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CEDAR is the first in Bangladesh to initiate intervention program for preventing HIV/AIDS in particular of truckers (transport workers) community. On behalf of the local NGOs in the country, we are also the first to have been started a web-based fight to corruption and mal-governance. Experience of CEDAR revealed that development is a matter of across-the-board and the process of development should start with holistic approach and integrated way. Besides, all the cross-cutting issues related to any development should be addressed to make it be meaningful and sustainable. CEDAR has been executing Poverty Alleviation, Education (Non-Formal), Mother and Child Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control, Good Governance, Safe Migration and Human Rights Program with the financial assistance from GOB, Local and Foreign donors. We are duly registered with following authorities:

a) Department of Social Services, GOB
Registration No.- DHA-02905
Registered on 20/03/93 AD; 06/12/99BS

b) NGO Affairs Bureau, GOB
Registration No.- 1132
Registered on 01/02/1997

c) Micro-credit Regulatory Authority (MRA)
Certificate No.- 00929-04366-00361
MRA-0000366 Registered on 30/11/08;

CEDAR has three core objectives- freedom from poverty, freedom from ignorance and freedom from oppression. While telling few words about CEDAR, the whole thing can be segregated into three parts. These are thematic perspective, proactive role and interactive capacity of the organization.

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PHONE: 880-2-9121504, 9145667

ADDRESS: 768 Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1209, Bangladesh.

EMAIL: cedarbangladesh@gmail.com